AcuHerb Marketing International Corporation (AMIC) has been in the business since year 2000. It was established by Dr. Qiming Zheng, a medical doctor from Fujian University of TCM in China.

It is engaged in the importation, distribution and marketing of the world famous medicine, medical device, medical herbs, health supplements and acupuncture devices. The company is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration with license to operate as an importer, wholesaler and distributor of drug, medical devices and food.

AcuHerb Marketing International Corporation (AMIC) has been doing business all over the country for 16 years, our clients and partners are top hospitals like Philippine General Hospital, The Medical City, St. Luke’s Medical Center and Cebu Doctors University Hospital. It also works hand in hand in some leading drugstores such as Mercury Drug, Farmacia Fatima, Curamed and K2 Drugstore to ensure the product availability.

Acuherb Marketing International Corporation (AMIC) specializes in the regenerative medicine and therapy. The exclusive distributor of the following products:

  1. MEBO Burn and Wound Ointment
  2. MEBO Scar Ointment

MEBO Burn and Wound Ointment is the only regenerative medicine approved by FDA. Used for treatment of chemical burns, superficial (first degree) burns, and adjunctive treatment for second and third degree burns. It is effectively used for “wound care management”, best for acute and chronic burn wounds, pressure ulcers (bedsores), diabetic and traumatic wounds and post-operative sites.

MEBO Scar Ointment is a topical ointment approved by Food and Drug Administration under Center for Medical Device for adjunctive treatment of the softening, anti-itching and analgesia of scar. It is developed to resolve scar formation after injury of the skin or as a result of various dermatological disorders.

ACORNEA is the world first listed bio-engineered cornea, and AcuHerb Marketing International Corporation brings Aconea here in the Philippines. To overcome the shortage of cornea donations and restore vision of thousands of Filipino patients who suffered from corneal diseases. Acornea (Acellular Corneal Stroma) has excellent biocompatibility and is able to gradually integrate into patient’s own corneal tissue after transplantation. A breakthrough in restoring vision for those who waited long enough in blurred to blindness- ACORNEA will give you sight.


  • To be well-recognize in the health care field as a pioneer in bringing Regenerative medicine and therapy all over the country.
  • To become the bridge of Filipino people towards advance healthcare products and services.


  • To improve the patient lives by delivering regenerative medicine and therapy. To provide our community the best products making it available and affordable to the general public.
  • To build long-term relationship with our customers and clients, and provide professional services and distribution by pursuing business through innovative approach in medical science and services.